How do I create my phone case with correct dimensions?

After testing out my sample, I realize that dimension of the model is one of the most important part in order to make my product successful. I found few sources that could be useful for this project. Click READ MORE. Continue reading


Where can I learn about 123D? Write down important notes.

I’ll use for tutorials, since it is convenience (where I used it for my IT project too). I found a tutorial learning how to use 123D in one and a half hour. It’s pretty short (compare to Blender – 6 hours and AutoCAD – 7 hours).

Up and Running with 123D Design

with Kacie Hultgren

Topics include:

  • Adding primitives
  • Drawing shapes, lines, and splines
  • Trimming and extending
  • Transforming and snapping
  • Measuring and duplicating
  • Modifying solids
  • Extruding, sweeping, revolving, and lofting solids
  • Splitting faces and solids
  • Staying organized with groups and hidden objects
  • Creating patterns
  • Adding text
  • Saving and exporting a 3D design

I’ll take notes as I watch the tutorial. Click READ MORE for the notes.

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What is 3D printing? How does it work?

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing, is used to make any three-dimensional objects by adding materials to the object layer by layer. This process is called “sterolithography” (Stephanie Crawford, 2011)To print an object, you need to design your object through software like AutoCAD. Then you send the file to your 3D printer to create the product. (Matt Petronzio, 2013) 3D printers would go through the process of “sterolithography”, which is similar to the process of forming stalactites except it is a lot faster.

This came from a Science One-World Essay I wrote last year in 9th grade. I became interested in this technique since then. Although my essay was focused on 3D printing’s advantages and disadvantages, it would still be a good idea for my background information.

C, Cadwalladr. “Environmental Impact.” ETHICS IN 3-D PRINTING. Weebly, 10 Feb. 2014. Web. 19 Mar. 2015.

Petronzio, Matt. “How 3D Printing Actually Works.” Mashable. Mashable, 28 Mar. 2013. Web. 19 Mar. 2015.


Welcome. This is Chloe’s Personal Project Blog.

3D Printing

To design and create a model of phone case using 3D printer that provides functionality as a protection and express my own feelings and values.
Global Context(s): Personal and cultural expression
How does the 3D printing technique impact and unleash our creativity?


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