Notes taken from the 2 PDF researches on color psychology

I found these two sources using Proquest. These are the only 2 that matches what I’m looking for. I’ll take notes on it. I also uploaded the PDF on my process journal. Click READ MORE to see my findings.

Color Feeling and Advertising

Impact of color on marketing

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Who invented 3D printing? Why and how was it invented?

Chuck Hull is the father of 3D printing. It was invented in 1986. I found a source about the reason behind the creation.

At the time, he was working for a company that used UV light to put thin layers of plastic veneers on tabletops and furniture. Like others within the industry, he was frustrated that the production of small plastic parts for prototyping new product designs could take up to two months.

He had an idea that if he could place thousands of thin layers of plastic on top of each other and then etch their shape using light, he would be able to form three dimensional objects. After a year of tinkering with ideas in a backroom lab after hours, he developed a system where light was shone into a vat of photopolymer – a material which changes from liquid to plastic-like solid when light shines on it – and traces the shape of one level of the object.

He had a clear idea and goal when he wanted to invent 3D printing. It is similar to personal project. For example, I came up with my idea of 3D printing the phone case, which then I research and accomplish it. Innovation is part of the reason why Chuck Hull could invent 3D printing. In my opinion, it is important to not be afraid by the obstacles we face and never give up on making our ideas come true. For example, Chuck Hull must’ve spent a lot of effort on inventing, perhaps even failing. He finally achieved it because he worked hard.

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What is creativity? How’s it different from innovation?

“Creativity is the ability or process in which someone identifies the rules or traditions of a set paradigm and then goes about interpreting, breaking, or bending them to bring about a new or previously unexplored connection.”

-Dan Klein

Creativity isn’t otherness. It’s making connection with stuff you already know, and develop new ideas.

Creativity is often found in the overlooked details. Creative people pay attention to details and things that don’t really relate to each other, and have the ability to make connections.

What’s it different than innovation?

  • Creativity is dreaming of new things while innovation means making those dream come true.
  • The thinking up of new things and concepts can be termed creativity whereas innovation is the process of converting these thoughts into practical usage.
  • Creativity is said to be the capability of conceiving something unusual or original. On the other hand, innovation is said to be the implementation of some new thing.
  • If something new has been brought into existence, it can be said that you have created it, while if you have made improvements to something which already exists, then you can be said to have made an innovation.
  • Creativity is generating ideas and innovation is bringing these ideas to life.
  • Creativity is related to experience whereas innovation is related to observation. Â
  • Creativity is a word that has been derived from Latin word Creo meaning ‘to create’. Innovation is a word that has been derived from Latin Innovationem which is the noun for action of the term innovare.



Welcome. This is Chloe’s Personal Project Blog.

3D Printing

To design and create a model of phone case using 3D printer that provides functionality as a protection and express my own feelings and values.
Global Context(s): Personal and cultural expression
How does the 3D printing technique impact and unleash our creativity?


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