Notes taken from the 2 PDF researches on color psychology

I found these two sources using Proquest. These are the only 2 that matches what I’m looking for. I’ll take notes on it. I also uploaded the PDF on my process journal. Click READ MORE to see my findings.

Color Feeling and Advertising

Impact of color on marketing

PDF 1: Color, feeling, and advertising

The color and psychological impacts very significant affects on humans. In this PDF it talks about a concept; where there’s ‘weight’ in colors.

More color theorists thought that dark colors have more weight than the bright colors are fitted and the position they are placed in the lowest level of the Visual.

It explains about the emotions of common colors.

Yellow is a welcome relief for the barrier. Yellow is a good symbol for a heavy industrial strength for durable products. And sometimes it can represent these delicious banana cream.

The explanation about RED is interesting.

Based on the research community in the fields of teaching and research section of buyers ‘ reactions, the red color consumers as exciting and stimulating to equal to the temptation to stimulate (client) at the place of purchase.

l skipped the part about dark blue because I won’t use it (dark blue is related to fear and grief). This is green.

Natural color relief, green, fresh and refreshing, with the same trust and confidence. In terms of the most relaxing color psychologists green hosting because the effect on the nervous system means a modification in a distant place, and. The pressure is low, and with expanded making the veins of man is feeling the heat. And the sign of life, growth, balance, nature,

For some reasons some of the lines are not in complete sentences, and sometimes hard to understand?

The white color of whatever tends to be warmer and the cream feels more friendship. The pure white color symbol of minimalism is absolute.

Moving on to the session ‘color in advertising’

research shows that young people’s feelings towards the colors through the stimulation of the senses led to the creation of satisfactory, and when using the product…

The use of color makes the increase or decrease demand, increased customer comfort, fashion and reducing waiting time

It gives several examples of how color impact advertising. I can check the examples later if needed.

PDF 2: Impact of color on marketing

This research talks about the relationship between color and other stuff. There are some useful ones that I included below.

Colors and culture:

Color is related to culture and religion. In a cross-cultural study, Wiegersma and Van der Elst (1988) found that blue was the most preferred color in general across cultures.

Different cultures view some colors differently. It’s interesting.

Colors and emotions:

Colors affect different people in different ways. Cimbalo et al. (1978) tested association between colors and emotions, and designated yellow, orange, and blue as happy colors, and red, black and brown as sad colors. These emotions (happy vs sad) were similar across age groups (second and third grade) and had the same types of instilled emotions about specific colors.

I have researches on color and emotion in previous notes.

Colors and gender:

Khouw (2002) found that men were more tolerant of gray, white or black than women, and that women reacted to the combinations of red and blue more frequently, and got confused and distracted more than men. It was also found that the combination of red and blue was the most preferred color by adults. These results suggest that there are gender differences in the perception of color.

I may need to consider gender when I design my phone cases. There are other interesting examples of color and restaurant, waiting time, brand… I didn’t include these because these are irrelevant to my topic.

From the researches, I can see that even though the effect of color is contentious, but clearly it has significant effects on the costumers.


Singh, S. (2006). Impact of color on marketing. Management Decision, 44(6), 783-789. doi:

Talaei, M. (2013). COLOR, FEELING AND ADVERTISING. Kuwait Chapter of the Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, 2(6), 25-30. Retrieved from


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