How do I create my phone case with correct dimensions?

After testing out my sample, I realize that dimension of the model is one of the most important part in order to make my product successful. I found few sources that could be useful for this project. Click READ MORE.

Source 1: Print HTC case with Blender

Even though this is about Blender, it talks about how to set up the dimensions when preparing for printing. That’s why I keep this source. It also suggests to check the dimension of the phone to make sure that it fits. For example after the author finished his design, he rescale it with another software to make sure that the printed result will match the actual dimension. He said:

So knowing that we have two of these edges on each side of the case we’ll simply do a little bit of math to figure out how wide the model should be within Makerware:

Phone width: 58mm Edge width: 1mm

1x “Phone width” + 2x “Edge width”

58mm + (1mm+1mm) = 60mm

So the width of the model should be equal to 60mm.

His method of resizing the model is useful to me.

Source 2: iPhone 4 case with SketchUp

The author demonstrated how a tri-stand phone case work. It is a pretty cool idea! So I searched the video on Youtube.

The website gives a dimensional drawing of the case, which helps to make the dimensions correct. I should do my design in this way.

Source 3: iPhone 4 case with 123D

This is the most useful source of all, since it is using 123D to create. It helps me a lot when I need to create the case from scratch. For example the author wrote:

Under “Sketch,” click “Polyline” and select the upper point of the only vertical line we created with the “Project.” Move the mouse to the right and type 9.17mm into the dialog box, making sure that the line is completely horizontal and click, then, move the cursor straight down, making sure the line stays completely vertical and type 1.27mm into the dialog box and click…

I can simply follow the instructions to set up my model. Also, the website suggested to have a look of the PDF below:

It talks about the requirements of the case, such as

The case must readily permit the user to access and operate the device’s mechanical controls such as, but not limited to:

● volume

● ring/silent controls

● sleep/wake control

● home button

Links – Do MLA later:



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