Where can I learn about 123D? Write down important notes.

I’ll use Lynda.com for tutorials, since it is convenience (where I used it for my IT project too). I found a tutorial learning how to use 123D in one and a half hour. It’s pretty short (compare to Blender – 6 hours and AutoCAD – 7 hours).

Up and Running with 123D Design

with Kacie Hultgren

Topics include:

  • Adding primitives
  • Drawing shapes, lines, and splines
  • Trimming and extending
  • Transforming and snapping
  • Measuring and duplicating
  • Modifying solids
  • Extruding, sweeping, revolving, and lofting solids
  • Splitting faces and solids
  • Staying organized with groups and hidden objects
  • Creating patterns
  • Adding text
  • Saving and exporting a 3D design

I’ll take notes as I watch the tutorial. Click READ MORE for the notes.

/* to be continued*/




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