What is 3D printing? How does it work?

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing, is used to make any three-dimensional objects by adding materials to the object layer by layer. This process is called “sterolithography” (Stephanie Crawford, 2011)To print an object, you need to design your object through software like AutoCAD. Then you send the file to your 3D printer to create the product. (Matt Petronzio, 2013) 3D printers would go through the process of “sterolithography”, which is similar to the process of forming stalactites except it is a lot faster.

This came from a Science One-World Essay I wrote last year in 9th grade. I became interested in this technique since then. Although my essay was focused on 3D printing’s advantages and disadvantages, it would still be a good idea for my background information.

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